THE FLASH Review: ‘Therefore I Am’

I am going to do a review this go-round instead of a recap, mainly because not much happens this episode. There’s no heroic action to speak of this week, as the episode gives us DeVoe’s backstory. And while the episode is slow, it’s good.

DeVoe is a meta-human who got his powers when the particle accelerator went KABLOOEY four years ago, as seen through flashbacks. But DeVoe wasn’t a total victim here. He and his genious wife,Marlize, designed a ‘thinking cap’ that could possibly increase brainpower. And they planned on using the accelerator to power the cap. But the explosion happened, channeling too much power to the cap, being worn by DeVoe, and that’s how a super villain is born.  Another side-effect of the explosion is that DeVoe is dying, so whatever the couple is planning, they have to do it fast.

Barry spends the entire episode obsessively trying to find out what we, the audience, already know, that DeVoe is The Thinker. While the rest of Team Flash is pretty passive, taking a let-whatever-comes attitude. Barry stalks DeVoe and breaks into his house in search of clues. Which gets him in trouble at work when DeVoe complains to Captain Singh. You know, because those things are illegal, and doubly so when a cop does them. So Singh suspends Barry for two weeks and issues a restraining order, which Barry promptly violates. Then DeVoe, done with playing ‘Cat & Mouse’ with the speedster, reveals the truth to Barry, and also lets him know that he’s aware that Barry Allen is the Flash. The End!

For an episode of The Flash, this one moved pretty slow, but I was okay with that. It took some getting used to, but eventually I began enjoying seeing Barry unravel as he tries to figure everything out.   DeVoe was the cunning cat in the episode and Barry was the confused little mouse.   And seeing Singh come down on Barry, with good reason, once again reminds us that Barry Allen is a cop. A fact that is often overlooked due to his superhero shenanigans. And while Flash, the vigilante, plays by his own rules, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Barry, the cop, has to obey the laws of the land, even when he doesn’t want to. So STAY TUNED!

LAST WORDS: Here’s a creepy fun fact; DeVoe stays alive by removing the top of his skull and plugging his brain directly into that weird floating chair-thing. EEP!

Monday November 27th is the first night of the Crisis On Earth-X multi-verse crossover. So don’t forget to tune in for all the action and fun. It’s always great to see our heroes interact and hopefully work together. Wally West showed up at the end of this episode of The Flash, which means we’ll see some Kid Flash action too. So be sure to tune in.