The Incredible Shrinking Woman Blu-Ray Review

The Incredible Shrinking Woman is still the best shrinking movie there is. Sorry, Downsizing. Shout! Factory didn’t shrink their Blu-ray though. It’s loaded with extras.

The new transfer looks great. The grain is actually enlarged rather than shrunken, because so much of the film had Tomlin against projected screens, so it’s added layers of grain. The bright suburban pastels shine. Because it’s all oversized sets and front/rear projection screens, it still looks real.

Lily Tomlinson and writer Jane Wagner reveal the script had more of a political subtext that got cut. We get to see some of those script pages. “Little Bar of Soap” was a song Joel Silver’s mother sang to him! We only see the Tomlin version though.

Joel Schumacher is jovial and complimentary to everyone. Cinematographer Bruce Logan is technically informative about the process of old school projection effects.

Composer Suzanne Ciani is voiceover but no less informative about the intricacies of the music. She wrote everything from score to “Galaxy Glue” jingle to salsa. Hearing about her retinal imprint sounds intense.

Locations then and now hit me how much things change, and a deleted scene shows Tomlin playing yet another character in the film.