This is the story of Ralph Dibny, known to Central City as The Stretchy Guy, as he transitions from hokey to hero. Ralph’s cavalier attitude comes from the faulty assumption that he’s totally invulnerable. Ralph is cocky and reckless, snuffing out a bomb by absorbing the blast with his body, with no regard for the safety of the people around him. And while the press is dazzled by The Stretchy Guy’s silly charm, Team Flash isn’t impressed. That’s when it happens; a villain shows up and finds a way to hurt and possibly kill Ralph. Which reveals Ralph’s true nature. The Stretchy Guy is a coward.

Let’s go to prison. Barry’s been in stir for about a week and is going stir crazy. He wants to super-vibrate and phase through the prison walls, so he can do Flash stuff, but knows that he shouldn’t. And anyway, during a prison riot he discovers that he can be a hero behind bars. Secretly super speeding to help the guards control the situation, he calms chaos and saves lives. And he even makes a friend. A former friend of his father’s comes to Barry’s aid when a bad guy tries to shank Barry.   (Knife him) And even though Barry can handle himself, he still appreciates the gesture and the two men become fast friends.

Remember The Trickster? He was Mark Hamill as a lot rent knock off of The Joker. Well The Trickster has a grown son, who’s also known as The Trickster. And he has a Mom, the original Trickster’s girl, a Harley Quinn wannabe named Prank. Well Prank breaks her son, The Trickster Junior, out of Prison. And they go on a rampage that threatens the lives of Central City residents. Team Flash can’t have that, so they send Ralph out to stop him. And that’s when he gets doused with a special acid that can eat through anything, even Dibny’s skin. Ralph, shook by this new deadly turn of events., quits and walks away. Leaving Team Flash down one hero.

Scared and feeling vulnerable for the first time since he acquired his powers, Ralph goes to break Barry out of prison. So that the Flash can take care of Trickster Junior and Mama Prank. But instead of getting Barry’s help, Ralph gets an ear full of wisdom, as Barry explains what it takes to be a super hero.   This inspires Ralph, who goes back to face his fears, wearing the cool new uniform Cisco made for him. He saves Vibe and Killer Frost from the angry acid. And with Harry’s help, he neutralizes the acid; Ralph takes down Trickster Junior and Mama Prank, sending them to prison. And totally by accident, he names himself The Elongated Man. And while he hates his new moniker, it’s destined to stick with him his whole crime-fighting career.

And just like I said; Ralph goes from hokey to hero. But that’s not the end of the story. Barry is still stuck in prison, and young DeVoe and his mad-scientist wife are still at large. And they are cooking up an evil scheme that Team Flash knows nothing about. So if you want to find out how it all turns out, you have to STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: This was a cool episode, and I love the creative way they show off The Elongated Man’s powers. And Ralph’s new costume, which fits into a box the size of a cigarette lighter, is 100% better than his old one. Also, if you’re wondering why Wally West doesn’t Kid Flash back to help out, you didn’t read my last update. Wally joins the Legends aboard the Waverider, their time ship. Which means he’s probably somewhere back in time when all this happens. I’m just saying.

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