SUPERGIRL Recap: Morgan vs Lena

What’s the opposite of smart? Because that’s what the show has become and it’s getting rough to watch. In this filler episode, which reignites the conflict between Lena Luthor and Morgan Edge, we let Reign and the World Killers take a back seat to these two corporate killers. And it all seems pointless. Morgan Edge is almost killed by a runaway car, and he blames Lena. After all she has tried to kill him before. So he poisons her, but Supergirl saves her. And even though Lena confesses to Kara that she did try to kill Morgan, that’s all water under the bridge, and now the race is on to get Morgan Edge to confess so he can be punished. While Lena, who is also guilty of attempted murder, goes free because she and Kara are buddies now.

Lillian Luthor is back in town too. Turns out she’s the one who tried to kill Morgan Edge with the runaway car, not Lena, but she did it for Lena. I guess she felt that Morgan Edge was an immanent threat to her baby girl.   But why now? That’s never explained. At this point in time, Lena and Morgan were doing more trash-talking than anything deadly. So, to cut to the chase, while Lillian Luthor’s killer drone is attacking Morgan Edge at a charity fundraiser, Lena gets Morgan to confess on tape, before she’ll stop the attack. But wait, isn’t a confession obtained like that pretty much worthless? Why yes it is.

Involuntary Confession. An admission, especially by an individual who has been accused of a crime, that is not freely offered but rather is precipitated by a threat, fear, torture, or a promise.- You can’t tell someone to confess or die and expect that to hold up in court.  You’d think Lena would be smart enough to know that.

And why didn’t Supergirl stop the killer drone when it first appeared at the crowded party? Because that would have disrupted Lena’s plan to get the coerced confession. Even though the drone shoots into the crowd, hitting a nameless guy. But I guess that guy’s life doesn’t matter as long as Lena gets her man. And oh yeah, isn’t Lillian Luthor in charge of Cadmus? That’s the organization that is holding Jeremiah Danvers hostage. He is Alex’s Dad, and Kara’s surrogate Dad, so why is no one asking about that?

It’s as if the show’s writers have lost interest in making the Girl of Steel smart and resourceful. Now she just strong-arms her way through life, civilians be damned, and that’s just sad. Even Jimmy Olsen has gone into thug-mode, becoming Guardian to threaten Morgan Edge if he doesn’t stay away from his girl,. And then he delivers a beat-down, instead of going after real hard evidence to bring Edge to justice legally. “Way to go James, you’re a real hero” – said sarcastically.

And just for the record, The Guardian’s costume looks ridiculous in the light of day. And Kara needs to stop mooning over Mon-el. He’s married now, so deal with it. -Even though Saturn girl and Brainiac 5 don’t make an appearance this episode for some reason.-  Well it appears that Reign returns next week, along with at least one other World Killer. So stay tuned, if you still want to…

LAST WORDS: What happened to you Supergirl, you used to be cool. You used to be all about doing the right thing, even when it wasn’t easy. Now you’re all about might equals right.  And the D.E.O. actually used to be an organization that actually did things, now they are just Supergirl’s  cheerleaders.  Even Evil Lady Luthor deserved better than she got this episode.Bringing Lillian back should have been an event, not an afterthought. Seeing Lillian Luthor wear the Lex-0-suit was a hoot, but it felt pointless and rushed. What a waste.