BLACK LIGHTENING Review: The Burial Plot

Lawanda died trying to save her daughter from a life of prostitution, and the whole town is in mourning. Jefferson Pierce is at the funeral with his daughter Jennifer and his Ex, and he’s not too happen when the Reverend calls for a freedom march against the 100, inspired by Black Lightening. Jefferson knows how dangerous going against the 100 can be, and he knows Black Lightening’s limitations. He can’t be everywhere, protecting everyone. So Jefferson tries to talk the Reverend out holding the march, but the Reverend won’t back down. He’s determined to take back the streets. This was a great episode.

Anissa isn’t at the funeral with the rest of the family. She’s in an abandoned junkyard testing her newly discovered powers. Which seems to be super strength, and a level of invulnerability.   But she doesn’t know her Dad is Black Lightening so she has no idea where the powers came from. That’s why she goes to a bookstore, or was it a library? She wants to research genetic mutation. And along with acquiring a bit of knowledge, she meets a comic book lover named Grace, who will probably become a new liaison. Grace invites Anissa to a superhero party at the bar where she works, and Anissa shows up dressed for a fight. But the only battle she gets into is with her current girlfriend, who had no idea she was being replaced. MEOW! – Anissa was dressed like Catwoman.

Jennifer, in an effort to be upfront like her parents always hoped she’d be, tells her parents at dinner that she and her boyfriend Khalid are going to have sex on Saturday. They are both virgins and together they have decided it’s time to change that. Jefferson and wife are appropriately stunned, not knowing what to say. They want to applaud her for her honesty, but neither truly embraces the idea of their youngest daughter having sex. And while Jefferson doesn’t come right out and shut Khalid down, he does confront him at school. And in a comedic and roundabout way, he does let him know that he isn’t happy. – Side note: Khalid is a good kid.

And while Tobias Whale acts like he’s the top dog, he’s not. He reports to the deliciously evil Lady Eve, played by Jill Scott. And she’s not happy about Black Lightning’s return, or the Reverend’s march. And most of all, she’s not happy with Tobias Whale, who claims that he killed Black Lightening with his own two hands. That’s why she makes it clear to Whale that Black Lightening isn’t dead, but he needs to be. Telling Whale to handle the hero’s demise, and send the marchers a message, via gun, that the 100 owns the streets.

Tobias sends one of his thugs out to ambush the marchers, which include; The Reverend, Jennifer, Anissa, Khalid, and Jefferson’s Ex. But just before the shooter can open fire, Black Lightening drops in creating an electro-magnetic shield that stops the barrage of bullets. And he takes down the shooter and his accomplice with a few electric blasts. And all is well, until Tobias Whale does a drive-by, shooting The Reverend and Khalid. That stinks.

Tobias gets away. But he sees Black Lightening for the first time, and he’s surprised he’s still alive. He thought he killed him. And the irony is that Black Lightening believes he killed Tobias Whale. I guess they’ll explain how all those misconceptions came about in a later episode. But Black Lightening didn’t see Whale, so he still thinks he’s dead. And Gambi wants to keep it that way. Gambi quickly erases surveillance footage that shows Whale at the scene. What’s that all about Gambi? I guess we have to wait and see. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: The Reverend and Khalid survive their wounds. But Khalid may never walk again. He was a track star remember? And he depended on that God-given-talent to get a scholarship and go to college.  And what about Jennifer and Khalid’s Saturday sex session? That’s not going to happen, not this Saturday. But nobody’s thinking of that, as they are devastated by the unfortunate news. Because Khalid is a great kid who doesn’t deserve the harsh hand he’s just been dealt.   And what about Anissa? Will she tell her Mom and Dad about her powers? Or will Anissa adopt her superhero persona and run into Black Lightening on the street? That would be awkward….