Supergirl -- "Both Sides Now" -- Image Number: SPG313b_0140.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Krys Marshall as Julia/Purity and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Is she Mild-Mannered Julia or the evil World-Killer Purity? That’s the big question this episode. When Supergirl, and the D.E.O., track down the World-Killer, they find Julia. She’s scared and doesn’t know what’s going on, asking Supergirl to protect her from the dangerous-looking D.E.O. agents. Which is confusing, because Supergirl came expecting a woman ready to fight, not one filled with fright. But when Alex gets aggressive, it awakens Julia’s evil side, and she becomes Purity, the World-Killer.

Purity is the Kryptonian version of Black Canary. She’s got a sonic scream that can cause a lot of damage, and topple Supergirl. But despite all the carnage Purity dishes out, Supergirl still wants to save Julia from herself. Purity is captured. But hurt people hurt people. And Alex, still feeling the pain of her breakup with Maggie, is extremely hard-hearted when dealing with Purity. So during questioning, Supergirl is the sympathetic good cop, and Alex is the harsh bad cop in that scenario. But while cunning Purity doesn’t give up any info on Reign, she does turn the tables, getting under Alex’s skin. Then she escapes.

Lena gives Sam the day off, to give her more time with Ruby. Because everyone, except Ruby, knows that something’s wrong with Sam. And while Sam and Ruby are ice-skating, Reign emerges and takes over Sam’s body, ditching Ruby. Thanks Mom! Then Ruby freaks out and calls Lena for help. Ruby knows about her Mom’s blackouts and is very worried about her. And thankfully, Lena is in a more maternal and comforting mood, helping Ruby calm down.

Team Supergirl tracks down Purity. And using new tech that Winn came up with, it looks like they’re about to take her back into custody. And big plus, thanks to a change-of-heart talk from Alex, Julia re-emerges, and is able to suppress her evil alter ego.   But that’s when Reign shows up, and pretty much rains on everyone’s parade. She beats up Supergirl, AGAIN! And almost kills Alex. But Julia stops Reign from crushing Alex by offering to go with her. Nice self-sacrifice Julia, Supergirl was right, you are worth saving.

Back in the dark and evil version of the Fortress Of Solitude, the horrible hologram lady is able to turn Julia back into Purity. That’s bad news since she a World-Killer. Elsewhere, Mon-el has to confess to his wife Imra that he still has feelings for Kara. And not to be outdone, Imra confesses that she and Braniac 5 are on a secret mission that Mon-el knows nothing about. But what’s the mission? I guess the Legion’s real reason for being in National City is on a need-to-know basis, and Mon-el didn’t need to know. And after Lena confronts Sam, who Reigns-out for a moment, Lena proclaims to Sam that she knows what’s going on. But does she?

STAY TUNED! But don’t hold your breath. Because Supergirl is going on hiatus for a while and Legends Of Tomorrow will be taking its place, beginning next Monday. So it’ll be quite a few weeks before all our Supergirl questions will be answered…  And not to be a -Negative Nick- but we still don’t know which CW shows will be coming back in the fall. It’s been said that everything will be back for at least one more year. But until the actual renewals are handed out, I’m not so sure. The CW seems to be dragging its feet when it comes to any –official- renewal news. So nothing is set in stone just yet, keep your fingers crossed super fans. Walter out!