THE FLASH Recap: The Change Up

Remember how we found out Cecile can read minds last episode? Well this week Ralph discovers that, in addition to stretching, he can shape shift. You heard me. He’s not that good at it in the beginning, but by episode’s end he’s pretty much got it down. And as far as believability goes, they’ve already shown that his body can contort and change, so believing he can mold himself to look like someone else isn’t a stretch. –See what I did there? – But they never even try to explain how he can change color, becoming a black man, or sound like the person he changes into.

In the last episode; we saw that the Warden discovered that Barry is the flash, and he’s going to sell Barry to Amulet. She’s the top-dog when it comes to Meta-human trafficking. But she doesn’t just want Barry, she wants all the Meta-Humans from the bus incident,. And the client she’s selling to is DeVoe, or at least I think it is. Things get a little confusing at the end of the episode.

First off: Iris and Cecile go to the Prison to talk to Barry about his appeal, which isn’t looking good. But the evil Warden makes up a lie, telling them he was in a prison fight, so he’s in solitary confinement now. So they can’t see him. But thanks to Cecile’s new mind-reading power, she knows about the Warden’s plan and his deal with Amulet. So now Team Flash has to find a way to break in to save Barry. He’s being held in the Meta-human wing, which nullifies powers. So Cisco can’t just vibe in and out.

Ralph uses his new ability to transform in the Warden. The plan is to meet with Amulet and postpone the Meta-Human clearance sale, giving Team Flash time to free Barry. But during the meeting, Ralph loses focus, and transforms back into himself. So that plan is out the window, along with Ralph’s confidence. He escapes from Amulets lair, only to once again quit the team. As a life-long screw-up, he figures he’d better quit before his newfound friends throw him out. But thanks to a pep talk from Killer Frost, the queen of second chances, he soon realizes that the group won’t turn on him, even if he messes up. Way to go Frosty!!

But Barry hasn’t been just biding his time. And using his brainpower, Barry figures a way to free himself and the rest of the bus Meta-Humans from their cells. But that doesn’t solve all their problems, because they still won’t get their powers back until they get out of the facility. It’s dampening their powers, remember? And the Warden and Amulet are still after them. But with Barry’s help they make it out to the prison yard, and get their powers back. But the Warden is waiting for them. And when he tells Barry’s companions that he’s the Flash, they turn on him.

The one person on Barry’s side in this melee is probably the strongest. The bad-luck-lady has turned over a new leaf, and she’s much kinder and gentler now. So when the others attack Barry, she hits them with her bad luck whammy and they end up knocking themselves out.   Barry’s safe! But then the new DeVoe shows up in his souped-up flying chair. He kills the Warden, chases off Amulet, and then sucks the life and power out of the bus Meta-Humans. Yeah that’s creepy. Barry tries to save the newly reformed bad-luck-lady, but can’t, and DeVoe transfers his mind into her. So now she’s DeVoe, and she’s got all the powers of the other Meta-Humans. Then DeVoe just leaves. But I’m not sure if his young dude body is dead or just dormant. That wasn’t clear.

Vibe and Killer Frost show up, too little too late. And once again Barry refuses to run away, vibrating back into his cell, awaiting justice. But he doesn’t have too wait long. The original DeVoe shows up at Barry’s appeal hearing, claiming that he’s not dead, and that Barry was framed. What! What! It is Central City, home of weirdness.  But it’s not a ghost, it’s Ralph pretending to be DeVoe. The ruse works and the Judge dismisses the charges, freeing Barry. How can Barry be a murderer if the victim is still alive, and on his side?  So yeah!  The Flash can finally be The Flash again!

DeVoe didn’t see that coming, and was caught a bit off-guard. But she’ll be back on her game the next time they meet. Remember that DeVoe is a woman now. And his wife isn’t all that happy about the new change, or the fact that DeVoe killed the Warden and those other Meta-Humans. I guess all that murdering wasn’t part of the original plan. But DeVoe drugs his wife into submission, making her a victim now instead of an accomplice. A change in their dynamic that I’m sure Team Flash will use to their advantage in the Future. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: The Flash is the most Comic Book-ish show on The CW, and I like that. Sometimes the episodes are all over the place, and don’t exactly make sense. But they’re fun and the characters are likable. And they throw in a lot of heart, which is also nice. I think the whole jail plot-line was a mistake, because it went on too long. But now that’s Barry’s out, and the team is reunited, all is right with their world. I miss Wall though – But he’ll be on Legends, so he’s gone but not forgotten. Legends of Tomorrow comes back next Monday!