Black Lightning -- "Dark Matter of My Brain" -- Image BLK101d_0100 -- Pictured: Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning -- Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved


For the past nine years, Tobias Whale has been known as the man who killed Black Lightning. Because that’s what he told everybody. But now that BL is back, Lady Eve and her unseen associates feel like they’ve been deceived. It’s kind of like finding out your employee lied on his resume. They originally put Whale in charge of the 100, based on that resume, and now they’re on the verge of reconsidering that decision. So if Tobias Whale wants to keep his job, he has to capture and kill Black Lightning.

Khalid is trying to stay positive, even though there’s only a slim chance that he’ll ever walk again. Jennifer is by his side, trying to be brave, but it’s obvious that she’s in way over her head with school, track and Khalid. So Jennifer quits track, a move her parents are not too happy about. Meanwhile Khalid becomes a media darling, after a news reporter does a television segment on the march. He receives video games, and other gifts from an anonymous donor. His Mother even receives money to help pay his hospital bills, and their rent. But just as things are finally beginning to look up for Khalid, the doctors discover that his spinal chord has been totally severed, and that means that Khalid will indeed never walk again.

Jefferson Pierce feels like the war for the streets has amped up and Black Lightening is losing. He saved a lot of people when the Freedom March was attacked, but the Reverend and Khalid got shot, and he’s the one that had to tell Khalid that he’ll never walk again. Plus, there’s a new drug on the streets called Green Light, and it’s highly addictive and drives people crazy.   Giving the user heightened strength and stamina, along with what must be an intense high.   Otherwise why in the world would anyone take it? Pushers are selling to Garfield students, so it’s in the school. One student goes berserk in the boy’s bathroom and Piece has to shock him a few times to stop his rampage.

But Green Light and Tobias Whale aren’t Black Lightening’s only problems. Gambi, his best Friend and sidekick, seems to have his own secret agenda. First he covers up that Tobias Whale is alive and in control of the 100. Then he lies and covers up the fact that there’s another superhero in town. It’s Anissa. She dons a dark hood and starts dealing out street justice to thugs and Pushers. A crime fighter is a dark hood, hmmm, doesn’t that sound like another CW show? And I don’t think that Gambi knows it’s Anissa yet, but he’s definitely following the clues that point her way. But is Gambi a good guy or a bad guy?

Jefferson Pierce, known as the Black Jesus of Garfield High is also losing control of his beloved school. Now that gang members and drugs have appeared at Garfield, the School Board is stepping in to take a more active role in the goings on. But they don’t know the students, or care about them the way Pierce does. So he’s not too happy about that. And what about Jefferson Pierce’s attractive Vice Principal? Will she be a future love-interest for Jefferson? He loves his ex-wife, but it doesn’t look like she’s coming back to him any time soon. I’m just saying…

Tobias Whale’s sister blows into town to help him kill Black Lightning. And she’s the one that suggests going about things a little differently. She wants to destroy his reputation, and then let the people rise up against Black Lightning and do the killing for them. That’s why, at episode’s end, Tobias Whale shows up in Khalid’s hospital room. He’s the one that sent the video games and paid Khalid’s Mama’s rent. And Whale is there to show how Black Lightning is to blame for Khalid’s crippling accident. And if he can turn new media darling Khalid, against Black Lightning, they’ll be well on their way to turning the whole community against him. And who’s to say what will happen next. So STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORD: I think Anissa’s new friend Grace, the comic book enthusiast, is going to help her put together a costume. Because that hood isn’t working. And Anissa will become the hero known as Thunder. I just can’t wait to see Black Lightning and Thunder meet. They have to recognize each other. They just have to! And when they do meet; will they become a team? And will they tell Jefferson’s ex-wife, who already hates the fact that he’s Black Lightning. How will she feel about having two supers in the family?