I missed Happy Death Day in theaters and it came out on Blu-ray in January, while I was at Sundance. So I finally got a chance to catch up with the horror version of Groundhog Day. It was a fun ride with a character smart enough not to repeat the same mistakes day to day.

Happy Death Day looks great on Blu-ray. There are really great dark passageways through which Jessica Rothe runs from the masked killer. Even when she’s not on the run, scenes feature prominent shadows for the horror mood, and HD keeps them dark while the rest of the scene is light.

An alternate ending is one twist too many, so it was smart to end Happy Death Day when it did, but interesting to se what else could have happened. Deleted scenes repeat many of the film’s key moments, if you haven’t seen enough of the walk of shame.

Brief bonus features highlight the cinematography distinguishing each version of the day, and show how committed Jessica Rothe was.