DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and iZombie are back tonight, February 26th. And if you’re a Flash fan, Wally West is joining the Legends for the rest of their season. And speaking of The Flash, it’s back on the 27th, along with Black Lightening. The Flash is out of jail, but he’s still battling The Thinker. While Black Lightening is still obsessed with bringing Tobias Whale to justice, the man who killed his father. And Arrow is back on the scene on March 1st, dealing with a divided team. While Gotham also returns on March 1st to deal with Bruce’s dysfunction. – And don’t fret, Supergirl will return in about 8 weeks, once Legends has finished it’s run. _

LAST WORDS: I’m a little worried about next season. Though everyone seems to think that Gotham, and all the CW shows, are sure to be renewed.   There have been no official pick-ups announced. And last year all the CW shows received official renewals before Christmas. But lets not start any letter writing campaigns just yet. Nothing has been cancelled. And on the plus side, The CW just announced that it will start a new Sunday Night line-up next season. So they’ll need more new programs, not less. So keep your fingers crossed, and we’ll see what happens…

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