BLACK LIGHTNING Recap: Dying Is A Blast!

Peter Gambi is a straight up killer y’all. I used to think he was this bland Alfred-wannabe. But Gambi is all mixed up in things. Now he’s conspiring with Lady Eve to bring down Tobias Whale. That’s why she advises him to take out Whale’s number one man, and he does it. Joey Toledo is dead, and Gambi shot him. I guess Peter Gambi has layers. But Jefferson is getting suspicious, and he doesn’t blindly trust Gambi, like he used to.

Tobias Whale doesn’t scare easy. He knows that Lady Eve was sending him a message. So he decides to return the favor and arranges to take her out, permanently. But he’s smart; he’s armed his thugs with energy pulse riffles, to frame Black Lightning for all the death-dealing that goes down. And his plan works, for the most part. But Black Lightning shows up, uninvited; to take down Whale, and Whale’s beloved sister gets killed in the melee. But Lady Eve gets killed too, which is a shame. I loved that bad girl. And now, the police believe that Black Lightning killed Lady Eve and her crew. So his friend on the force is no longer a friend.

Anissa wants to help her father defend the city. But Lynn isn’t on board at all and talks Jefferson into convincing Anissa to stop using her powers. And at first, Anissa is resistant to giving up her superhero identity. But when she finds out that her grandfather’s editor ended up dead after talking to her. The guilt makes her reluctantly agree to stop. But Lynn has a change of heart too, after the guys who attacked her last week turn up dead too. It’s dangerous out there, and she knows that Anissa will eventually use her powers to help, like it or not. So she asks Gambi to make Anissa a uniform, and asks Jefferson to train her, so she can serve and protect, and stay safe.

Do you believe in resurrection? Well Lala and LaWanda sure do. Because both these characters, who died episodes ago, come back to life in a sleazy motel room. Then LaWanda turns to smoke and enters Lala’s chest, leaving a tattoo of her face over his heart.   Whaaaat? When did Black Lightening gets mystical? And does this mean that Lady Eve, my evil diva, can rise again? I guess time will tell. And in case you forgot; Lala is the dude that kidnapped Anissa and Lynn, and was originally killed, in prison, by Tobias Whale.

LAST WORDS: Why aren’t they telling Jennifer anything? She knows something is going on, but no one will tell her the score. Which makes no sense, since it’s already been established that Anissa got her powers from her dad. Which means that Jennifer might acquire powers too. So why leave her in the dark when at any time she could develop super powers? It seems like irresponsible parenting if you ask me…