The rich folk, who make up the Gotham Elite, are idiots. Every time there is a fancy black tie gala in Gotham, a crazed lunatic shows up and starts killing people. But yet they keep coming, and act surprised when the armed thugs show up, pretty much on cue. And then everyone panics acting surprised; only in Gotham. Am I right?

Last time, during the Pig story arch, the Gotham elite were forced to eat human flesh, after one of their number died from a blow to the head. Then there was the time when the Mad Hatter’s killer virus was released, and Jerome showed up with his killer circus. Honestly, when will these people realize that a formal invitation in Gotham is akin to a death threat? And this time around, Ivy shows up with her killer floral arrangements, threatening to kill everyone by turning them into plants. You heard me.

Ivy is a certified crazy, and even her BFF Selena is tired of her murderous shenanigans. Selena and Ivy do battle in a pretty impressive catfight. And Selena wins the war when she destroys Ivy’s last vial of Lazarus water, which Ivy needs to grow more of her super toxic plants. So for now, Ivy isn’t as big a citywide threat as she was. But she can still hypnotize and kill people with a scratch, so one-on-one, Ivy’s still poison. In fact, she hypnotizes Harvey and gets him to try and kill Jim, but that plan falls as flat as her attack on the Gotham elite did.

But Ivy isn’t the only coo coo in the nest. Bruce Wayne took a dive off the deep end this season. But after a brush with death, he’s finally back to his old self. And as expected, he goes running back to Alfred, the man he emasculated and then fired. But Alfred tells Bruce to shove off. Bravo Alfred! And Alfred pretty much makes Bruce grovel and prove himself before he’ll forgive and forget. Alfred has been more of a Dad than a butler, and it is about time Bruce acknowledged that, which he does. So by episode’s end, all is forgiven. And Bruce is still flirting with that whole becoming a masked vigilante-thing.

And what about Jim Gordon? He hasn’t exactly been a saint. He jumped into bed with Lady Falcone, literally and figuratively, which is how he took his best friend Harvey’s job as Captain. But after Lady Falcone literally, and savagely, brings the sledgehammer down on Lee’s left hand, to send Jim a message. It’s on! And now Jim has to tearfully admit everything to Harvey, because now he needs Harvey’s help to go after Falcone and bring her down! But will Harvey forgive and join Jim’s vendetta? I think he will.

And when it comes to bringing down Lady Falcone, Penguin might help too. Because Penguin and The Riddler have mended their friendship as well, and Lady Falcone did take over Penguin’s empire and send him to Arkham. So Penguin’s got a dog in the fight. And Ed Nygma has a mad crush on Lee, so when he finds out what Falcone did to her hand, he’s likely to want some payback. Now Penguin, The Riddler, Jim, and Harvey are all anti-Falcone. And you know what they say; the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So stay tuned!!!!

LAST WORDS: It feels like the Ivy storyline is winding down, and that’s a good thing. Now there will be a full-on war with Lady Falcone, which will be much more interesting. And she’s pretty much pissed off everyone. So I expect that Barbara, Butch and Tabitha will be conflicted. They are definitely not fans of Penguin, Riddler, or Lady Falcone. So it’ll be interesting to see where they land in the upcoming melee. Things are finally getting interesting in Gotham. Lets just hope it’s not too little, too late.