There wasn’t much super heroics this past episode, but I didn’t mind because the characters are so interesting. But one exciting thing did happen. We found out that Black Lightning is part of the Arrow-verse. I know the producers have been pretty coy about things, but that changed tonight. During a mother/daughter conversation about super heroes, between Lynn and Jennifer, they mention Vixen and Supergirl.


In an earlier episode, a newscaster in Freeland mentioned that there were other heroes, but he didn’t mention anyone by name. But this time around they did some intentional name-dropping. And I know that Easter is right around the corner, but these were two pretty big Easter Eggs to drop on us out of the blue. I had to stop and rewind just to make sure they actually said what they said. But what does this mean?

Well, it does open the door for potential crossovers. And maybe even indicates that Thunder and Black Lightning may be a part of next year’s big multi-show crossover. But which Earth are they on, and who would you like to see passing through Freeland? While Supergirl is a hero on Earth-38. Vixen showed up on Arrow, so that puts her on Earth-1, along with The Flash crew and the Legends of Tomorrow. So my theory is that Black Lightning takes place on Eath-1.

But how would Jennifer and Lynn know about Supergirl if they’re on Earth-1, where both Superman and Supergirl are a no-show, at lest for now? And here’s the easy answer; During the alien invasion that took place on Earth-1, Supergirl breached from Earth-38 to Earth-1 to help Barry Allen and the gang fight the Dominators. And after this TV Justice League vanquished the alien villains, the President of the United States, Lynda Carter, held a press conference thanking the heroes. Which introduced Supergirl to the people of Earth-1. So BLAM, that’s how Jennifer and Lynn would have heard of Supergirl, even though she’s from another Earth.

So, if my theory is correct and Freeland is on Earth-1, which heroes (or Villains) would you like to see stop by for a visit? My fist thought is that Vixen would be the perfect crossover choice. After all, Detroit and Freeland are probably not that far from each other, since the show based the mythical berg of Freeland on Detroit, where the show is shot. And Vixen is Detroit’s hero, unless Vixen’s time traveling grandmother on Legend does something to mess things up… Plus, Vixen is a powerful woman of Color, like all the Pierce ladies. But it would also be interesting to see Oliver and Jefferson bump heads. Or what Barry and Iris would bring to the table. And what if Jennifer started crushing on Wally?

LAST WORDS: Jefferson and Anissa work together this episode to find out what the drug Green Light has to do with Meta-humans and Grandpa Pierce’s death. And even though Gambi is on the outs, because he finally came clean about who he really is, he’s still kicking butt and taking names, trying to protect Black Lightning. And what about Jennifer’s powers? Blowing up cellular phones can’t be all she can do. So let’s hope that they devote more time to her next episode. Because even though she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to be a superhero, knowing what she can do would help her out in this dangerous world. And she may be called on to save Thunder and Black Lightning some day…