Hey y’all, Wondercon was fun and here’s what I learned there:

  1. Krypton: There will be 10 episodes this season.  Adam Strange and Seg-el will become friends. We will see the creation of Doomsday but we probably won’t see Hawkgirl in season one, though she was rumored to make an appearance.  The appearance of the Green Lantern Corps was neither confirmed or denied, but sounds like someone from the corp might make it to Krypton sooner or later.  ( This is 200 years before Superman – so it probably won’t be Hal, Jon, or anyone from Earth)  And the big news is that we will see 2018 Earth this season.  That’s where Adam Strange is from after all.  (But does that mean we’ll see Superman?)  – And look for a Nightwing & Flamebird Easter Egg in upcoming episodes.  They were Kryptonian Superheroes…
  2. Also on Krypton;  race, gender, and sexual orientation aren’t an issue.  They give birth using the genesis chamber, so sex for procreation isn’t a thing on Krypton.  So who you choose to have sex with is a personal choice.  Women are equal to men, in pay and status, and race isn’t even an issue that’s discussed.  That’s pretty cool.
  3. And speaking of cool, I got a chance to meet Cameron Cuffe, who plays Seg-el, Superman’s Grandfather.  And he’s a comic book nerd, and a great guy.