Dear DCTV,

Why not release OFFICIAL images of your character’s, as they should be seen, before people can get candid shots of them on the street and out of context, that may not be so flattering? – The Fans…

I still remember seeing pix of Russell Crowe as Jor-el for the first time, taking a cigarette break.  And more recently, the candid pix of Shazam were awful, and they still haven’t released an official photo of him to put our minds at ease.  But these pix of the Titans are bad on a whole ‘nother level!!!

Beast Boy isn’t green, but his wig is.  And Raven’s wig looks like bad cosplay.  But Starfire is the most disturbing.  She looks like a hooker.  And being black myself, I have no problem with the actress playing Starfire being black.  In fact, my first thought was that Beyonce rocks the ‘flowing hair and sexy attire look’ pretty well.  But this first look-see is disturbing at best.  Though, like I said, this isn’t an official first look.  So maybe once DCTV gets ahead of this firestorm of negativity and finally releases an Official Picture, we’ll feel better about these Titans.  

Hopefully, some day real soon, we’ll get official pix of our heroes.  The same way they gave us official, and professionally shot, pictures of Robin, Hawk and Dove…

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