Tobias Whale is back, and he’s looking to move up in the world, by taking Lady Eve’s old job. Remember that Whale killed Lady Eve, and made it look like Black Lightning did the deed. Whale was also got blasted by Black Lightning during their last encounter, so he’s been on the road to recovery ever since. And speaking of recovery, Khalid is back too, and he’s walking. He’s also sporting dreadlocks and a bad attitude. Tobias Whale got him a bionic upgrade that came with a new metallic spine and super strength. But the procedure wasn’t cheap, because it cost Khalid his soul. And now he’s one of Whale’s minions, whether he likes it or not.

When Jefferson runs into Khalid on the street, he’s surprised and taken aback by his mean demeanor. So he tells Jennifer that Khalid is walking again, but also tells her not to go see him. So Jennifer goes to see him, which is expected. They meet on the roof of their old house, outside her window, like they used to do. That’s when you see a bit of the old Khalid shine through. He still cares for her. But when Jennifer is a little hesitant about reestablishing the boyfriend/girlfriend status quo, mean Khalid resurfaces and he leaps off the roof and disappears into the night.

Jennifer isn’t the only one having relationship issues. Jefferson and Lynn get back together for some long overdue electricity-charged sex, and talk about getting the family back together. About time y’all! But Jefferson blows a fuse when he finds out that Lynn has been trying to find a way to suppress Jennifer’s powers. Even though that’s what Jennifer says she wants. Jefferson thinks that Lynn is trying to fix Jennifer, and he doesn’t think anything’s wrong with her. While Lynn tries to tell him that she’s just exploring every option, which sounds perfectly reasonable. But Jefferson goes on a tirade, pretty much ruining their reunion.

The head of the ASA wants Black Lightning caught, so he can study his powers and find out why they aren’t killing him. So he sends Whale to do the job, with Khalid’s help. And Whale knows that the quickest way to draw Black Lightning out is to attack the High School. So he does, and Black Lightning and Thunder come running. Black Lightning fights Whale and Khalid, while Thunder battles Whales’ Lethal Lady. And that’s when it gets interesting. Though Thunder eventually wins the battle, the Lady’s arm gets cut in the melee. And while there is a little blood, we see that underneath a layer of fake-looking skin is something green and scaly. I paused the DVR to make sure I saw what I saw. So, is she actually some kind of reptile creature, like those aliens on that old Sci-fi show ‘V’?

Meanwhile, Jefferson takes a dart to the neck from Khalid, during his fight, and whatever’s in the dart seems to nullify his powers. So then Whale and Khalid rally and kill Black Lightning. You heard me right! Black Lightning is really dead. But luckily for him, he has a daughter who can generate enough electricity to shock his heart and get it beating again. So Jennifer saves her Dad’s life. Maybe now she’ll appreciate having powers. Then Gambi, Lynn, Jefferson, and the girls go to a safer safe house that’s somewhere in the woods, to nurse Jefferson back to health. And that’s where we leave it, until next week’s action-packed season finale.   SO STAY TUNED!!!