NETFLIX’s LOST IN SPACE: Available Now!!!

Danger Will Robinson, the Lost In Space reboot is Available now, and it’s good.  But that new creepy alien robot may not be an appropriate playmate for a kid.  You better check its references, I’m just saying.  And we got a glimpse of the real Doctor Smith, before Parker Posey stole his identity, and it was none other than Billy Mumy, the original Will Robinson.  Billy Mumy was the O.G. Will Robinson back in the 60’s, and seeing him in this new rendition, as Doctor Smith, was a classic Blast From The Past moment.  And given the circumstances, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again, but I’m open to it.  The show does a lot of world building via flashbacks.

I’m not going to recap or review Lost in Space, because it just dropped today.  Just in time for binging, which I don’t do. But I did watch the first two episodes, which are imaginative and fun.  Its definitely a departure from the old show, in a good way, but remains true to the spirit of the original.