SUPERGIRL Review: Schott Through The Heart

Supergirl returns with a whimper not a bang, and that’s disappointing. The show’s been gone for weeks, so it would have been nice to get an episode that blows our socks off. Instead, we get an episode that just blows. Supergirl fights flying monkeys, a giant plastic container, and a giant toy T-Rex this go-round, and she can’t seem to get the job done without help from conflicted Mon-el. He’s all moody because his wife lied to him, and he runs to Kara for comfort, but even she knows that’s the wrong play. What is going on people? We deserve better!

1st and foremost, this is a Winn episode. During an overly long karaoke hangout with the gang, the news reports that Winn’s father, the murderous Toy Man, has died in prison. Winn is devastated. But at his Dad’s funeral there are more surprises yet to come. The casket turns out to be a bomb, and his estranged Mother shows up. He always thought she abandoned him. But as it turns out, Winn’s maniacal Father sent her away, and threatened to kill Winn if she ever returned. So they haven’t seen each other in twenty years.

Winn’s not ready to forgive and forgot. He’s still battling the feelings of abandonment that he’s dealt with for the past twenty years. In fact, he’s not even sure if he wants a Mother in his life. But he changes his tune when his Dad’s protégé kidnaps his Mom. The protégé is the one who turned the casket into a bomb, sends the exploding flying monkeys, seals Supergirl in a plastic case she somehow can’t break out of, and creates the toy T-Rex that Mon-el has to defeat.   But despite the obstacles, Winn and James rescue Winn’s Mom. Yeah, James is hanging with his buds instead of running Catco. And the D.E.O. agents, once again, seem to only be around for show.

Meanwhile, after even more karaoke, we find out that Hank’s Martian dad has the Martian equivalent of Alzheimer’s. That’s a sunny subplot. And we also find out that Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 actually came back in time to stop one of the World Killers, before they can evolve into an even bigger threat in the future. So they came back in time to change the past, which is time travel no-no. That’s why Brainy and Saturn Girl kept Mon-el in the dark. Plus, they didn’t want Mon-el telling his ex-girlfriend what they’re really up to. And speaking of the World Killers, Lena Luthor has Reign trapped behind a force field, for her own good of course. So stay tuned.

LAST WORDS:  So how do you think the rest of the Supergirl season will play out?  Will Superman make a supportive return to help with the World Killers?  Will Kara and Mon-el get back together, despite the fact that Mon-el is married?  Will Saturn Girl and Brainy’s plan get in Supergirl’s way, or help her out?  What does Hank’s Dad’s illness mean for their future?  Will Jimmy and Lena work as a couple? Will Maggie and Alex reconnect? Or will Alex start dating someone else?  And now that Winn and his Mom have reconnected, will they work to improve their Karaoke skills?  Only time will tell.