The Post was one of the most invigorating movies of last year. It made me proud to be a journalist, and even if you’re not a journalist it should make you proud that there are journalists who will stand up to corrupt governments. Even when it’s history where you know what happened, Steven Spielberg makes the script by Liz Hannah and Josh Singer. Watching Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks act it out doesn’t hurt either.

Spielberg and Janusz Kaminski gave The Post a gritty ‘70s look and it holds up on Blu-ray. We have All the President’s Men on Blu-ray and it’s not exactly the same, but for a 2017 movie it makes it look cold and stark and grainy and smoky like it would have if it were shot 30 years ago. Since it’s a digital format, it does get noise. We didn’t see that on the big screen but it’s livable to keep this masterpiece at home.

The bonus features are worthwhile. “LAYOUT: Katharine Graham, Ben Bradlee & The Washington Post” is 22 minutes on the real Kay Graham with family and historians and the filmmakers. It’s basically a recap of the story of the movie but nice to hear some of the survivors involved tell it from their perspective.

“EDITORIAL: The Cast and Characters of The Post” is 16 minutes and as informative about the actual characters and the casting process as the actors themselves. Everyone gets a chance to speak, everyone who filled the newsroom or the Graham house.

“THE STYLE SECTION: Recreating an Era” is 17 minutes on the production design. It may be the most informative feature, how they turn 2018 D.C. into 1971 D.C. Even the newsroom set is detailed to capture a real place from history. That 1971 Xerox machine is even more awesome since they had to simulate it in use. They reprinted all the screen newspapers.

“STOP THE PRESSES: Filming The Post” is 25 minutes on the filming. As a highlight, it includes the honorary 100th birthday party for Kay on set. “ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Music for The Post” is only seven minutes on the music but a worthwhile look at John Williams conducting.