This finale hits like a sucker punch. Everything and everyone is in play. Jefferson, Gambi, and the family, are hiding out in a cabin in the Freeland woods, recovering. Gambi is still pretty banged up from a beating he got a few episodes back, and Jefferson died last episode. But Jennifer, who used her electricity to jumpstart his heart, brought him back. The overanxious head of ASA is still looking for Black Lightning and Thunder, so he can dissect hem. And he locates the cabin. Meanwhile, Tobias Whale is coming after the ASA dude as part of a power play, and he’s brining Khalil with him.

Tobias Whale’s personal bodyguard and super assassin isn’t a reptile in disguise. But she has had some work done. As it turns out, there is a bulletproof fiber under her skin, put there somehow by Whale. It’s a comic book move that doesn’t make much sense, but you go with it. So she’s a badass that is super hard to kill. But Jefferson is hard to kill too, surviving Khalil’s attack. But his powers are gone, oh no!!!! But fear not, Jennifer, who now seems to be onboard with what she can do, gives him a power boost that recharges his batteries. So Black Lightning lives to fight another day.

ASA Operatives swarm the cabin, but they have a fight on their hands. Besides Black Lightning and Thunder, who bring the pain. Gambi is armed and dangerous, Jennifer is fully charged, and even Lynn picks up a shotgun and does some damage. And by the end of the impressive siege, Team Lightning is victorious and ready to go after the head of the ASA. They get to the dude before Whale does, but he won’t back down, threatening to keep coming after the family. Jennifer lights him up, but her parents won’t condone harming the monster of a man. That’s when Gambi steps in, a self-proclaimed monster himself, and kills the guy so he can’t hurt anyone else.

The ASA operations are exposed to the public, clearing Black Lightning. And once again, even the Freeland Police consider Black Lightning and Thunder heroes. But Tobias Whale raids the offices of the ASA, killing everyone, and he discovers a briefcase. And inside is something that he thinks will bring down Black Lightning. But we can’t see what that something is, but it’s glowing. And we know it will play into what happens next season. And while Khalil has been turned into Whale’s heartless killing machine, we know he still has feelings for Jennifer. Back when he attacked the school, he let her go unharmed. So expect to see that play out next season as well.

The coolest part of the finale for me is that they didn’t end on some monumental over the top cliffhanger. The family just went back home to continue their lives, hopefully with Lynn fully back in the mix. Because her separation from the family doesn’t make much sense. And it looks like uncle Gambi might be forgiven as well.


LAST WORDS: This was a great episode. And we also got a glimpse into Jefferson’s childhood, via flashbacks. As well as a surreal visit from Jefferson’s long-dead father, who tells Jefferson how proud he is of the man Jefferson has become. So the episode had drama, action, and a great father/son moment. Who can ask for anything more? See you next season.