The Mountain Between Us Blu-ray review

The Mountain Between Us didn’t make much of an impact in theaters last year. What it does offer is amazing visuals for Blu-ray, and more if you have 4K. The snow looks like Disney’s Frozen only it’s real! In the flyovers you could count the individual trees if that were something you wanted to do.

14 minutes of deleted scenes have a bit more on the survival aspect, which many complained was missing in favor of the love story. Director Hany Abu-Assad gives a compelling commentary throughout the film. He’s got plenty to say about theme and technique.

Behind the scenes features sort of undermine themselves. They reveal Kate Winslet changed her character’s name which is a bold and strong move. Then the female producer calls her brave for not wearing makeup. They do deserve credit for mounting a difficult production in extreme conditions. Their behind the scenes footage of the mountain is striking too.