Well, I didn’t think it could get any more wonderful than seeing Paddington 2 on the big screen. It turns out it looks even lovelier in high definition on Blu-ray.

I’ve visited London and never seen it this bright. It’s a high definition idealization with the bright yellow Brown family home, carnival colors, and even the prison cafeteria is yellow. Gruber’s shop is a potpourri of colors and different textures as various artifacts are aged to different degrees. The pop up book sequence is a stunner of simplicity and you can see every hair on every bear (hey that rhymes!)

Bonus features are all under five minutes which makes them kid-friendly digestible bits that don’t waste time on filler. The filmmakers seem as lovely and sincere as the movie. They actually use the CGI to convey emotion. That’s why it’s more effective than spectacle. “How to Make a Marmalade Sandwich” advises kids to get their parents to help so that’s responsible.

Director Paul King gives a very thorough commentary. He talks about technical processes and thematic subtext, but doesn’t call them that. He’s just talking about making a movie he loves about a bear he loves and it all comes through.