THE FLASH Recap: These Boots Were Made For Walking…

Marlize DeVoe has had enough! But that’s not news to us, or Clifford DeVoe, who has been drugging his wife to keep her in line. This episode focused on their tragic love story. It started innocently enough, over an intellectual debate, but pretty much ended when DeVoe became the twisted villain known as The Thinker. In fact, when Marlize finally shook off the effects of the drug and made her exit in DeVoe’s floating chair. She let him know that her loving husband died when The Thinker was born. And she also let him know, in no uncertain terms, that she was always the real brain in that family. You go girl! Literally! -And for the record; she does wear boots.

But will Marlize help Team Flash, now that she’s liberated herself? We don’t know yet, but I’d bet on it. After all, DeVoe’s big master plan is pretty nefarious. He plans to shoot five satellites into space and rain dark matter down on the planet, making everyone stupid. Yeah, that’s really his plan. He thinks everyone is too hooked on technology for his or her own good. So by dumbing people down, DeVoe thinks that everyone will return to a simple tech-free life, thus saving mankind, and the planet. Though DeVoe won’t dumb himself down of course. Somebody has got to rule over the planet, and it might as well be Clifford DeVoe. That’s not being to egotistical, is it?

And speaking of dumbing down, Harry is still wrestling with his diminishing brainpower. He zapped his own brain with dark matter, to become as smart as DeVoe, to help the Team. Even though everyone on the Team told him not to do it. And now he’s losing his smarts. But Team Flash is trying to help him, even though they don’t really know how. But thanks to Cecile’s telepathic powers, she’s able to help Harry work some things out, by plucking some of his brilliant thoughts out of his brain before they disappear.

Caitlin’s also got some brain things to work out. Iris helped Caitlin confirm that Killer Frost is still locked away in her psyche somewhere. But Caitlin doesn’t know how to trigger her manifestation. Caitlin used to transform into Frosty when she was scared, but now that her body is dark-matter-free, that’s not working anymore. Hopefully she’ll figure it out by the season finale, because I think that even with Marlize’s help, they’ll need all hands on deck to bring down DeVoe. And maybe they can save Ralph too. After all, his body is still in play, even though DeVoe is controlling it. So stay tuned!!!

LAST WORDS: It looks like Cisco and Gypsy have broken up. He wanted to take things to the next level, but she didn’t. So Cisco, reluctantly, pulled the plug on that relationship. And it was sad. But we knew that Cisco wasn’t going to leave our Earth to take Breecher’s job and work with Gypsy. Mainly because Breecher’s job involved killing people, which Cisco wouldn’t do. Also, I believe the actress playing Gypsy was cast in a new series, so that might be another reason for the breakup. The same thing happened when the actress playing Jesse Quick got a new gig… And hold up, the mysterious coffee shop girl just showed up again, revealing that she’s a speedster. She also appeared to give Iris the stink-eye. So what does that mean? Who is she and how will her story unfold next season?