Remember how there was only ONE World Killer at the beginning of the season. We see the crazy Kryptonian Cult people ship her off the exploding planet shortly after Kal-el and Kara got launched. But later that season we learn that there are actually two other World Killers, so the One became THREE. Kind of like the three bubble-bubble- toil-and-trouble witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. And in all honesty, it felt like the other two were more of an afterthought than anything else. Well they’re dead now, and Reign absorbed their abilities. So there is only ONE World Killer again, and she’s more powerful than ever.

Wait a minute, isn’t there a power-absorbing bad guy on The Flash this season? Why yes that’s true. But the same people make all the CW Superhero shows, so there is bound to be story overlap. Kind of like how Barry was on trial for Murder on The Flash, and then Oliver was on trial for Murder on Arrow. And it’s hard not to notice that World Killer Purity’s power was Black Canary’s sonic Canary Cry, from Arrow. Or was it Black Siren’s sonic cry from The Flash, and then Arrow? It’s hard to keep it all straight. And then Supergirl announces that the World Killers are using dark magic to cause an eclipse. But wasn’t dark Magic more of a Legends of Tomorrow thing?

And since when did Supergirl’s powers get an on/off switch? According to this episode, she loses her powers when it gets dark, and she’s cut off from the sun’s rays. But there’s this thing called “NIGHT”, where this darkness phenomenon happens all the time. And she doesn’t lose her powers when the sun goes down daily. Or when she’s underground, cut off from the sun’s rays. But in this episode, she’s down for the count during an eclipse. Maybe it’s that pesky dark magic that’s her new Kryptonite.

And speaking of Kryptonite, Lena Luthor’s been using it to control Reign, which is news to Supergirl, and everyone else. And she claims that it’s leftover Lex stuff that she just happened to have lying around. But she later confesses to James that she lied, it’s not part of Lex’s old stash; she learned how to make Kryptonite herself.   So she’s been down in her secret lab making the stuff that can kill Supergirl. But they can all still be best friends, right? Or is that one secret too many? And when did Lena become so smart? She can make Kryptonite, she can cage Reign, and she can fly a 30th Century space ship. The girl’s got skills – except when it comes to simple deduction. She’s brought to the not-so-secret D.E.O., where Kara’s sister and best friends work, and she still doesn’t figure out that Supergirl, who is right next to her, is Kara.

Even when Jimmy Olsen does what he thinks is right, it’s wrong. Supergirl asks him to break into Lena secret lab and see what she’s up to. But Lena and Jimmy are kanoodling, so he doesn’t feel good about spying on her. But instead of being a man and telling Supergirl, straight-up, that he doesn’t feel good about spying on Lena. He lies, saying that he checked into Lena’s lab, and that everything’s cool, even though he didn’t follow through at all. Jimmy also confesses to Lena that’s he’s The Guardian. And the only big surprise there was that she knew who he was talking about.

So Reign’s still out there somewhere plotting away. But to truly put her human side to death and embrace the dark side there’s one last thing she’s got to do. She’s got to kill her daughter Ruby. But can she do it? Stay tuned!!!

LAST WORDS: Winn made Alex a new superhero outfit, which is all black, mirroring the outfit she always wears. But it comes with a gun that shoots fire-bullets. So everything’s cool. Plus it comes with magnets. Which seems pointless, but I don’t think we’ve discovered the suit’s true importance yet. And with everything going on, I’ll be surprised if Lena doesn’t become next season’s big bad. They’ve already made her out to be a super genius. And now that we know she’s been making Kryptonite, can Lex Luthor-style villainy be far behind?

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