SUPERGIRL: The homage to Superman-The Move That You Missed

Supergirl laid a big Easter Egg, and most people didn’t even notice. Mama Reign goes after daughter Ruby in the underground bunker of one of Lex Luthor’s lairs. I assume he had several. First Reign spins at super speed, digging down to the bunker. And as she walks to the entrance, where Alex and Ruby are hiding, she’s hit with fire, freezing cold, and a hail of bullets. Which is a direct, almost shot-for-shot, version of the traps that Superman had to endure on his 1st visit to Luthor’s subway hide-out in Superman-The Movie. But here’s the kicker; that scene was cut out of the film’s theatrical release. So only real die-hard fans, or fanatics, who caught it on the extended versions of the film would have noticed what they did.



Back in the 80’s, ABC aired a three-hour version of Superman-The Movie, over two nights, adding a lot of cut footage that was never seen in theaters. And the scene that was mimicked in Supergirl was first seen there. I was too young to watch it all, since it ran past my bedtime, so my parents made a VHS of it for me. (Which I kept for decades) But a few years ago, that 188-minute version of the film was released. So check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Good job Supergirl crew, you really gave me a geek-out moment.

The rest of the episode wasn’t bad either. We see Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Mon-el battle Reign, using Lena Luthor’s homemade kryptonite. And it took a couple of encounters, but the good guys won, and now Reign is back in the lab behind Lena Luthor’s force field. Ruby finally finds out that the murderous Reign is her Mom going through a black leather phase, and she’s appropriately freaked out. James and Lena are bed buddies now, which is getting weirder because Lena resents Supergirl for spying on her. And Supergirl and James are friends. But it also confirms that Lena is still blind to the fact that Kara is Supergirl. Because she tells Kara about her new-found dislike for the girl of steel. Awkward!

And speaking of awkward; Brainy and Saturn Girl head back to the future. But Saturn Girl leaves Mon-el behind to deal with his feelings for Supergirl. Even though Mon-el is all set to leave with his wife, out of respect and duty, and head back to the future with her. Saturn Girl, aka Imra, lets him know that she only wants to be with a man who wants to be with her. So she leaves Mon-el here to figure his stuff out.   You go girl. If Mon-el’s not 100% sure he loves Imra, then he can stay in the past where he belongs. But if he choses Imra, with his whole heart, she’ll be waiting for him in the future. And what’s Supergirl going to think about all this? Does she even want Mon-el back? He is a married man.

LAST WORDS: I’m sure the Reign saga isn’t over yet. She may be down, but she’s not out. Remember that Reign has Purity’s sonic power and Pestilent’s killing ability. Will Lena’s force field remain intact while they work on a cure? If there is such a thing… James and Lena are the new power couple is town. Does that mean that things between Kara and James will be strained, if their friendship survives at all… And what about Hank’s Dad? Will his Martian Alzheimer-like disease rob him of all his memories? How sad would that be? And isn’t that topic a little heavy for a superhero show?  Stay tuned!!