With the addition of a new Sunday schedule, DCTV fans will need to rethink their viewing habits…

On Sunday:   SUPERGIRL returns! Along with a reboot of CHARMED.

On Monday:  LEGENDS OF TOMORROW nods, along with ARROW.

On Tuesday:  THE  FLASH speeds back, followed by the electrifying BLACK LIGHTNING.

On Wednesday:  The rascals of RIVERDALE resurface, along with new series I’M ALL AMERICAN..

On Thursday:  SUPERNATURAL chills us again, along with new series LEGACIES.

On Friday:  DYNASTY throws down again, followed by the last season of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND.

TIME FOR CLOSURE:  It has been announced that this will be the last season for CRAZY EX-GiRLFRIEND, iZOMBIE, & GOTHAM (on FOX).  iZOMBIE  will return in early 2019.

CHANGE IS A GOOD THING:  We’ll have more later, after all the finales have aired.  But we know now that CONSTANTINE will be a new regular on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.  And ROY HARPER will be returning to ARROW.  And on RIVERDALE, JUGHEAD is not dead, but ARCHIE has been arrested for murder. And the big news so far is that BATWOMAN will debut on the big CW CROSSOVER.  Oliver Queen mentioned Bruce Wayne once on Arrow, so we know a version of Gotham City exits in the Arrow-verse, but this will be our first glimpse of a hero from the actual Batman-family.