THE FLASH Review: And Then There Were None…

Team Flash lost the last bus Meta-Human, as he went nuclear and blew up. So their losing streak continues. They literally have not saved one person targeted by DeVoe. I guess you can say that The Thinker out-thunk them at every turn. And now the whole world is about to get dumber than that joke, or the super villain’s plan. Why would you even want to be the one smart guy surrounded by a world full of idiots? Who would you talk to? Television would probably be about the same though. Zinger! But seriously folks, technology is doomed, along with everyone’s IQ in this year’s two-part finale.

DeVoe morphs into Jon Diggle, so that he can waltz into ARGUS and blow up his next victim. The explosion will generate enough power to charge his five satellites. Team Flash tries to stop him using Flash-Time, but they fail. Though they do discover that Barry can generate speed force energy and briefly share it with a non-speedster. Allowing them to move as fast as he does, and enter Flash-Time. It only last for a second or two, but when you’re moving that fast you can accomplish a lot. Barry uses it on Caitlin and Cisco, to stop DeVoe. Unfortunately, as I said, the plan fails.

It was a cool mini-crossover with Diggle super speeding from Arrow to The Flash. I just wish he’d stuck around longer. And what up with Killer Frost? Caitlin has a flashback that she can’t seem to wrap her head around, so Caitlin and Cisco vibe to the incident. They see Caitlin as a child, about to get hit by a truck. And in that terrifying moment, they see that she morphs into a mini-Killer Popsicle. So she had her powers before the particle accelerator exploded, which is a what-the-heck revelation. Why didn’t her Mother tell her that when she went to go see her last season, asking about her newfound cold powers? I hope they explain that and don’t just gloss over it. Is it me, or does it feel like Caitlin should be singing ‘Let It Go’ about now?

And lets talk powers; Cecile just got an upgrade. Not only can she read minds, now she can mentally become a person. Caitlin thinks that it’s because she’s so close to giving birth that her hormones trigger the effect. But whatever the cause, I think her abilities are going to play a part in the DeVoe fight. In the preview trailer for part two of this finale, we see that Barry is operating inside DeVoe’s mind somehow. And I think that somehow’s name is Cecile. We’ll find out next week.

Barry uses the shard bomb that Amunet gave them to take out one of the satellites, breaking the chain. But DeVoe breaks into Star Labs, commandeers Gideon, and uses the Star Labs satellite to complete the circuit. So guess what guys? The enlightenment is happening y’all. We see the satellites power up, and the only person who can possibly save the day is Marlize DeVoe. And luckily, Iris has just had a heart-to-heart with her that may convince her to help Team Flash. But we’ll have to tune in next week to see what happens…. STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Joe mentioned that he’s been trying to contact Wally West, Kid Flash. He wants his son there when the new baby’s born. So hopefully Wally West will make it back for the finale. That’s when everything goes down, AND the baby’s born. Also, if things go south, like they usually do during the season finale, Barry may need another speedsters’ help… And now that Caitlin knows that Killer Frost has always been a part of her, will she be able to draw her back out? I hope so. I like her frosty side. And now that Iris is running things, taking Caitlin’s old spot at the console, they need Frost out in the field… And what about that other speedster that’s been spying on Team Flash since the crossover? Is she Barry and Iris’ kid back from the future? Or is she Joe and Cecile’s daughter, all grown up? We should know next week…