Well, we got the reboot we were promised, and it looks a lot like the 1981 John Carpenter movie, Escape From New York. All the bridges in Gotham were bombed, cutting off all access roads in or out of the city. Jeremiah and Ra’s Al Ghul turned Gotham into an inescapable island. Unless you are smart enough to leave by boat or by air. I assume there’s an airport in Gotham, they have to launch those blimps from somewhere. And after all of Gotham City’s darkness and dirty dealing, the government finally stepped in and shut the festering city down. All the citizens of Gotham are evacuated, which is a huge undertaking, leaving the bad guys and girls to run rampant in the lawless streets. Sound familiar?

The Penguin carves out his territory. And he is actually able to find Hugo Strange and turn Grundy back into Butch. It’s a miracle that can only happen in Gotham. So now Tabitha and Butch can proclaim their love for one another and live happily ever after. That is, until Penguin kills Butch, right in front of Tabitha of course. It’s payback for when Tabitha and her bro killed Penguin’s Mom. Yeah, Penguin’s been holding that grudge all this time, and he finally orchestrated the perfect eye-for-an-eye scenario.   Tabitha took away the love of his life, so he cured Butch so that he could do the same to her. Tabitha never saw that coming, and neither did we.

Tabitha goes running back to Barbara. Wait, not running, because Penguin shot her in the leg. Both Tabitha and Barbara vow revenge on Penguin, and all men. Their new territory is renamed for the ‘Sirens‘ of mythology, with a strict no-men-allowed policy, that they are willing to kill to enforce. Barbara even found a way to kill Ra’s Al Ghul. So stay out of Siren territory if you have man parts.   And the rest of Gotham is pretty much parceled off to the villain community: Mister Freeze has an icy piece of the pie, while Firefly surrounds her new digs with a moat of fire. We even see that Man-Bat is hanging from a ceiling somewhere, leathery wings and all.

As for the Narrows, Lee was poised to leave, with Ed Nygma. But when the bombs drop, she decides to stay and help those who missed the boat. Lee also decides its time to dump Ed Nygma. But The Riddler doesn’t take rejection well, and they end up stabbing each other. They kiss as they bleed out, and then they die. But this is Gotham. So Penguin has Hugo Strange retrieve the bodies so he can figure out how to reanimate them. So Lee and Ed will be back next year, probably transformed into monsters of some sort. Jeremiah is out there somewhere too. And as for Selena, she’s alive, but her spine was severed when she got shot. So, she’ll most likely come back to the remains of the city, in a wheelchair, looking for a Gotham do-over.

And what about faithful old Alfred? Well he leaves town to be with Selena, but he vows that he will return. Mostly because his baby boy, Bruce Wayne, has decided to stay and fight. But fight for who? The city’s infrastructure has collapsed, and the normal Gotham citizens have evacuated. Though I guess there will always be bad-guy butts to kick, if you go looking for trouble.  And he’s not the only do-gooder that won’t get out while the getting’s good; Jim Gordon, Harvey, Lucius, and about ten cops stay and re-open the GCPD. But what good are Gotham cops now that there aren’t any laws? The department was incompetent and corrupt before the bombs dropped.

LAST WORDS: Goodbye Gotham! We leave you in the hands of street thugs and freaks, until next season. And then you’ll have 13 episodes to straighten up and turn yourself around, with the help of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, of course. He’s the middle school dropout with minimal combat training and zero swagger, that will somehow transform himself into a brilliant criminologist, and an unstoppable badass. And while anything’s possible in Gotham, I have my doubts. But come hell or high water, expect to see Bruce don the legendary cape and cowl by episode 13, even if the costume it doesn’t fit.