Thank Rao, Krypton gets a season two, hopefully to fill in all the plot holes and strengthen the narrative, which has become more soap-opera than solid the last few episodes.  Does anyone really care whether Seg-el ends up with Lyta-Zod or Nyssa-Vex at this point? Brainiac is in Kandor now, threatening to abscond with the entire city, which would lead to Krypton’s eventual destruction.  Doomsday is on the verge of being released. General Zod has escaped from the Phantom Zone.  Adam Strange is marooned somewhere in time and space.  And Superman is about to be erased from existence.  Can we concentrate on all that before we resolve who Seg-el is hooking up with.  And to be honest, is he even worth cat-fighting over?   It’s still early in the game, and Seg’s a flawed hero at best.  So come on Krypton, lets use the new season wisely.  I like the show, warts and all, and want to see great things!!!!

Hopefully we’ll learn more about what’s to come at this year’s Comic-con.

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