I had a lot of fun watching this movie.  Is it a perfect movie?  Nope, but it’s fun, and I’ll probably see it again soon.  If you can avoid them, don’t watch all the clips and commercials, they give away too much of the good stuff.  And remember that it’s an origin story, so it takes a few ticks to get moving, because they have to explain and set up some stuff.  So check your expectations at the door, and go and enjoy a heaping-helping of Star Wars fun.  And guess who I ran into at the World Famous Chinese Theater; it was Ray Park aka Darth Maul.  The guy who played Boba Fett was there too, but I didn’t get a chance to say hello.  Though I did hear through the entertainment grapevine that James Mangold has signed on to direct a Boba Fett movie.  Here’s me and Ray Park, kicking it at the Chinese Theater. He’s a really cool cat.