On Supergirl: We see that the domed City floating through space is from Krypton. Apparently, Argo City actually survived when the planet exploded.   The entire city, still under a glass-like force field, is on a huge chunk of the planet, and it’s floating just beyond the dark side of the Moon.  And in case you’re wondering, the dome filters out radiation, including those from a yellow sun. So NO, the residents of Argo City do not have super powers. And when Kara and Mon-el swoop in for a visit. I think they’re pretty powerless too.

First of all, the short jaunt in Hank’s jalopy shows us how simple space travel can be. It’s like a road trip, minus the traffic. And once on Argo, we see how cool Krypton was, or is. The gleaming spires and artsy building interiors are pretty darn impressive. And there were more than a few designs that mirror the Krypton of Superman-The Movie. But the biggest surprise on the planetoid is that Kara’s mother is still alive, and pretty much hasn’t aged a day. Remember that Kara left the planet over thirty years ago.

Mom apologizes to Kara, who she pretty much launched into space and then forgot about. Mom saw Kara’s ship get knocked into the phantom zone, but didn’t do any follow up, and just assumed she was dead. But she wasn’t dead, she was just stuck there for a couple of decades. Gee Mom, it’s not like you don’t know how the phantom zone works! Would venturing out to have a look-see have been all that hard? But Kara forgives her Mom for that. Plus she forgives her Mother for creating Fort Rozz, the inhumane prison ship that fell out of the phantom zone and landed on Earth when Kara did. I guess just being alive bought Mom a lot of absolution.

And what about Kara’s Dad? Mom says he died fixing the force field that protects Argo city. But given her track record I’d double-check that to make sure he’s not still dangling out there waiting to be rescued. And why hasn’t anyone aged? They should all be at least 30 years older. One of the women on the Argo City Council, also happens to be the evil cult leader that launched young Reign into space, right after Kara got launched. And come to think of it, why are Reign and the other two World Killers the same age as Kara? Did their ships get caught in the phantom zone too? That would be a pretty big cosmic coincidence.

Long story short; Kara came to Argo City because she needs one of their rocks to help her defeat Reign. I guess the rock has got powers. At first, the Argo City Council doesn’t want to give it up. But after an impassioned plea and some whining, they give Kara and Mon-el the rock. Meanwhile back on Earth, a sniper attacks Alex while she’s out with Ruby, making Alex question if she can be a Mom while being in the D.E.A.. – I guess she’s never met any women in law enforcement that are Moms.

At episode’s end, Reign breaks free of Lena’s cage. But luckily, Mon-el and Supergirl show up with the rock, ready to fight. So stay tuned! But my guess is that Kara will defeat Reign and then decide to go live on Argo City with her Mom. I think that will be the cliffhanger. And Alex may leave the D.E.A. to either take care of Ruby or adopt a kid of her own. And what will Mon-el do? Will he try to re-kindle things with Kara, or go back to the future to be with his wife? And will James find out he’s dating an evil genius? I guess time will tell.

LAST WORD:  Did the creatives on Supergirl forget that they left a big question unanswered?  Whatever happened to Papa Danvers, Alex’s dad and Kara’s adopted Dad.  Last time we saw him he was still a victim/captive of Cadmus, the ultra-evil institution run by Lena Luthor’s Mom.  Apparently,  neither Supergirl or Alex seem to be too concerned anymore, if they remember his plight at all.  Dean Cain, of Lois & Clark fame,  plays the Dad.  So come on guys, how about wrapping up that storyline?  Or at least show that Alex and Kara actually give a darn.  Father’s day is coming up.