THE FLASH: Two New Series Regulars

In the upcoming season;  The Flash will have two new series regulars.  Cecile, Joe’s Baby-Mama, will be a series regular.  Which isn’t a surprise to anyone.  But will she still have her mind-reading powers?  And will their baby have any meta-powers?  I’m sure the show has something in mind for the new family, and we’ll probably find out what that something is next season.

And this isn’t a stretch;  Ralph, The Elongated Man, will also be a series regular, probably taking Kid Flash’s spot on Team Flash.  Keiynan Lonsdale is taking some time off, so he will be back for a few episodes only.  They’ll probably send the character off to college or something.  So Ralph will be back in the mix full time.  And I think that’s a good thing.  They can do weird and fun things with his powers, and he’s a likable character.