Batwoman will make her debut in this year’s CW crossover of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.  The crossover is entitled ELSEWORLDS, and is serving as a backdoor pilot for a possible Batwoman Series, starring Ruby Rose.  And while I’m liking Rose’s costume, the photo they released is so slick and photo-shopped it looks more like a drawing.  And as for a Batwoman series, how do you do that without Batman? The absence of Superman was one of the main problems with Supergirl, until they finally introduced him.

Oliver Queen name-dropped Bruce Wayne, so he exists in the Arrow-verse.  And in Supergirl, they mention Gotham and Superman’s vigilante friend, so he exists on that Earth as well.  Though, if this is a true ‘Elseworlds’ story, than anything is possible, even a Gotham without Batman.  – In DC Comics, Elseworld stories were tales that take place in a separate reality. For example; ‘Red Sun’ told the story of a Superman who’s childhood escape pod landed in Russia instead of Kansas.