It’s HALLOWEEN: Meet ‘THE JOKER’ at WB’s Festival Of Frights


DC COMIC FANS SHOULD KNOW: The Joker has taken over Arkham Asylum, and it’s not Joaquin Phoenix. And he will trap you there and ultimately decide your fate. Escape The Joker and a host of DC Super-Villains, if you can,  and find out who is waiting for you as you break out of this twisted institution. So if you like a good scare, go to:            HORRORMADEHERE.COM


WARNER BROS. FESTIVAL OF FRIGHTS:  Get ready for dark mazes, scare zones, and a bone-chilling night tour.  If you’re in Hollywood this month, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood dares you to enter their iconic backlot for an incredible Halloween party where evil clowns, demon nuns, super villains, possessed dolls and the devil himself will come to life. Be prepared to face your deepest fears and see what nightmares await you from the twisted minds that brought you IT, The Conjuring, Freddy vs. Jason, The Exorcist, and from the DC Universe, Batman: Arkham Asylum.