Thanks to Twitter, Stephen Amell gives us our first look at Superman in the CW Crossover, and he’s a man in black.  But we don’t know what the black suit represents yet.  The crossover is entitled ‘ELSEWORLDS’, which I’m guessing means that they can do whatever they want because the story occurs outside of current reality. In DC Comics, the ‘Elseworlds’ title was given to fun ‘what if ‘ stories that were separate from the given storyline. Like; ‘what if ‘ Superman grew up in Russia instead of Smallville, or ‘What if ‘ Batman lived in 1800’s London and fought Jack The Ripper…

In the comics, Superman wore the black suit when he came back to life after his bout with Doomsday.  But who knows if that has any barring on why he’ll be wearing it in the CW Crossover. But it’s fun to see him in it, since Superman didn’t wear it when he came back to life in The Justice League Movie… (And that’s not a dig, because I liked the Justice League Movie)

I just hope Superman’s not evil in the Crossover, because in the last Crossover they had an evil Supergirl, who also had a black uniform.