THE WALKING DEAD: Still Very Much Alive…For Now

While it is true that viewership for The Walking Dead Premiere was about half of what it usually is.  I now have additional information.  Once you count the viewers who watched the premiere later that week, the AMC series gained an additional 3.26 million, bringing its final viewer total to 9.36 million.  Which, for a cable show, are pretty amazing numbers. So, while it may not be ‘Must-See-TV’ anymore, at least it’s still ‘I-Will-Get-Around-To-It-TV’.  Though in comparison,  it’s still way down from last year’s premiere, which had 15 million viewers.  So don’t do the happy dance just yet.

Last Sunday’s episode attracted less that 5 million viewers,  the second lowest viewer numbers in the series’ history.  But again, that’s before we see how the week’s delayed viewer numbers shake out.  Bottom line, The Walking Dead ain’t what it used to be, but it’s still alive and kicking.  Unless the show continues to hemorrhage viewers. And let’s face it, Rick’s imminent departure won’t stop the bleeding. So only time will tell.