Supergirl continues to face off against prejudice and hate, which makes for a pretty joyless episode. But this series is making a statement this season, and it’s not a light-hearted one  And it’s doing a pretty good job.


Due to the President being outed as an alien, the country is going anti-alien bananas. Because thanks to Lena Luther’s technology, alien’s can use her image-inducers to look human.  So on top of all the outright hate, people are paranoid because they don’t know who’s truly human.  That’s why Mercy Graves invades Lena’s offices. She plans to shut down the camouflage tech and expose the aliens. So haters will know who to hate.  But Supergirl stops her, and gives a televised anti-hate speech.  The President, Lynda Carter, resigns before she’s impeached.  And the Vice President, Bruce Boxleitner, becomes President.


Meanwhile: Nia Nal addresses the fact that she’s a transgender woman this episodes.  And they handled that pretty well.  Nia stands up against hate by protecting Brainy, who’s being persecuted for being an alien.  And when she tries to talk James into taking an editorial stance as the head of CATCO, she tells her truth because she can relate to the prejudice and hate the aliens are dealing with.  We also find her asleep at her desk, which could be the show hinting at her Super Hero identity.  I think she’s going to become a comic book hero named ‘Dreamer’, a character who can see the future when she dreams. – I’m not making that up.


But Mercy and Otis are on their game.  They steal that little device that Lena used to flood the atmosphere with lead particles two season’s back. To get rid of Mon-el’s people, the Daximites, who were invading the planet.  Since lead is their kryptonite.  But Mercy puts actual kryptonite in the device, to flood the atmosphere with kryptonite particles, which are poisonous to Kara.  So she drops out of the sky; to be continued… (I believe Superman is still off-earth on Argo)

Check out the promo for next week’s episode….


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