MARY POPPINS RETURNS: Behind The Scene Featurette

Not to be outdone by Aquaman, Disney released it’s own behind the scene featurette.  And while I do like what I’ve seen so far of Mary Poppins Return, I’m still ‘cautiously’ optimistic.  Why you ask? Because it feels like a re-do instead of a true sequel.

In Mary Poppins Returns, almost everything I loved about the 1st film is being recreated in this film: Animated penguins singing and dancing, a Bert-lite character and his fellow lamp lighters doing a step-in-time like dance number, a crazy old Aunt instead of the crazy old Uncle who had the tea party on the ceiling, a stressed out Dad who’s forgotten his inner child, a women’s rights advocate, old Dick Van Dyke, and an undersea animated sequence stolen from ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ (Angela Lansbury is in this movie too, so I guess that makes it cool).

– And the fact that the sad Dad this time around, is the son from the 1st movie, makes me wonder why Mary Poppin’s lessons didn’t stick. You’d think Dad would remember all the magical shenanigans from his childhood, which would make raising his own kids, a snap.  But alas, life is hard, and sometimes you need more than one spoonful of sugar.  So here we go again…

But what the hey, I’m sure it’ll be fun to see all those things done again.  Even if it doesn’t feel all that original.  And though they mention that the Mary Poppins books had several sequels, I wonder if this film was based on any of them.