Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers is the classic tale of a pair of incestuous soul suckers who get killed by cats. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore, but the new Scream Factory Blu-ray makes sure their story will last for generations to come.

The Columbia Pictures source must’ve been great because Sleepwalkers looks good even by Shout Factory’s high standards. It’s perfectly clear while retaining the film look. It’s a rare horror movie with a lot of daylight, and all the natural Midwest outdoorsy greenery is bright and detailed. And you can see all the detail in the creature and gore makeup. Actually, when Brian Krause cuts his arm you can clearly see the prosthetic portion hiding the blood pack, but it’s good. Highlight the artist’s’ work.

It’s so great seeing the early ‘90s Aero Theater preserved in HD. It’s actually in Santa Monica and the box office area and marquee are still the same. The lobby and concession stand are different now (no more Slush and the popcorn machine is on the other side now) but I can tell it’s the same layout with the stairs in the back. I can’t believe they had an arcade machine, but yeah a movie theater would in the ‘90s. It is also the setting for a gratuitous Walkman dance as was also common in the ‘90s.

Tanya Robertson was an interesting name for the heroine. If they remake it maybe they can call her Pamela Andersonson. Mick Garris and Madchen Amick joke about Tanya Roberts at the beginning of the commentary so I’m not alone.

On the commentary, Amick has a vivid memory and is very talkative, so it’s mostly her and Garris. Krause chimes in, just not as often. He reveals a bit more in his interview. Big news: Amick was fired from Dracula because they let go everyone who wasn’t British. Excuse me, what about Keanu Reeves? Or Winona Ryder for that matter. Alice Krige has unique memories in her interview too and all the behind the scenes interviews are thorough as usual.