THE FLASH Ep.6: Quick Review and Promo Trailer

GREAT EPISODE: It’s Birth and Rebirth, and I couldn’t be happier.  Killer Frost is finally reborn, and I’m glad she’s back.  Cause Frosty definitely makes Caitlin more interesting.  Barry and Cisco find Caitlin’s Dad, and we find out that he used an experimental cold treatment to beat a deadly disease.  And he used a modified version of the cold cure on Caitlin, when he found out that she may have inherited the same deadly disease. And that’s when Killer Frost was born.  Caitlin was never a victim of Dark Matter.

And speaking of victims, what about the cold-hearted Icicle, her Dad’s icy alter-ego?  We find out that he’s in total control of Caitlin’s Dad, and is trying to trick Caitlin into helping him totally subjugate her Father’s personna forever.   But luckily, Caitlin’s got Barry and Cisco to help her see the truth.  And when The Icicle is confronted, and threatens Caitlin’s friends, Killer Frost is reborn.  She defeats him with her own cold powers, but Icicle gets away.  Thus we see the birth of a new super-villain.  Though at least we know that Caitlin’s father is still a small part of Icicle. And may be able to be saved some day.

Meanwhile, the rest of Team Flash spend the episode tracking down Cicada’s new identity.  Ralph and Cecile team up, as does Iris, Nora, and Sherlock.  And the do find out the name of Cicada’s comatose daughter, which will lead them to Cicada.  Great teamwork this episode y’all!!!