SUPERGIRL Ep.7: Quick Review & Promo Trailer

This week’s episode had people making bad decisions across the board. And I didn’t like that at all!  Though you kind of know, out that Gate, that Supergirl isn’t going to get blown up.  Don’t go trusting Manchester Black just because you think he’s cool! He’s not a cop, or anyone official, AND he’s angry. So why does Supergirl agree, without hesitation, when Manchester suggests they go after Agent Liberty without Alex or the D.E.O?  Why can’t she see right through that ruse? Because we sure can, and we don’t have super vision.    Wake up! It’s obviously a revenge thang.

And Lena Luthor wants to cure all mankind’s ills by turning everyone super.  Is that a good thing?  Ask Adam, the misguided kid who volunteers to be her first human test subject.  He’s dead now, though Lena’s research is progressing. So James, are you sure you want to reconcile with her?  And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need some kind of government approval before you can legally start conducting dangerous experiments on people, consent form or not?  And I’m sure Lena hasn’t disclosed to the government, or anyone, that she’s using a stolen kryptonian energy source as the basis for her experiments.  So her mad scientist methods trump her supposed good intentions.

And adding a little whine to that cheese, Hank gets over-the-top weepy when he finds out that Manchester Black is a heartless killer.  Well d’uh, Agent Liberty just kidnapped and killed the love of his life.  Maybe it’s a little too soon to trust his motives. And Hank, you should have been able to figure that out without telepathy.  And lastly, is anybody doing any actual investigating? Yeah James, I’m looking at you.  Ben Lockwood openly supports the Children of Liberty, and he’s got a backstory that screams; look at me I’m Agent Liberty!  How about digging a little deeper before jumping into harm’s way next time? I mean, Sheesh!