Schindler’s List returned to theaters for its 25th anniversary, and now it comes to home video in a 4K Ultra HD 25th anniversary edition. Unfortunately I do not have a 4K TV to watch the grand restoration, but the regular Blu-ray included still looks as great as the film did in 1993.

The black and white is crisp and sharp in HD. What is most striking about the Blu-ray of Schindler’s List is the darkness. Whether it’s Oskar Schindler’s factories, his or the SS soldiers’ black suits or the depths of concentration camps, the blackness has distinct character. The detailed textures visible in HD only make the Holocaust feel more real and disturbing.

The Tribeca Film Festival 25th anniversary Q&A is included on the disc of bonus features. Steven Spielberg, Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Embeth Davidtz and Caroline Godall reflect on the film for 40 minutes. It seems like any time they talk about Schindler’s List it’s going to be profound. The perspective on filming in 1993 seems to come flooding back as if they just wrapped.

All the bonus features from the 20th anniversary Blu-ray are also included, so the 25th Anniversary Edition becomes the definitive Schindler’s List collection.