Colette Blu-Ray Review

Colette was a movie I enjoyed at Sundance 2018 and found the story of author Colette (Keira Knightley) badass and empowering. It came out on Blu-Ray last month nearly a year after its Sundance premiere.

This period piece looks great on blu Ray. You can see all the costume detail in HD and the locations and interiors transport you back in time to circa 1900 Paris. Candlelight gives interiors a golden glow.

Five deleted scenes give us more revealing moments of Colette and Willy (Dominic West)’s marriage. They’re not integral but they’re as good as any scenes in the movie. They’re substantial character scenes, not just trims.

A two minute long behind the scenes only touches on the basics of the story but Knightlwy and West encapsulate the story well.

In “Notes on a Scene,” Wash Westmoreland takes us through the early scene where Willy introduces Colette to high society. He analyzes the themes and camerawork of the scene but also touches on the film as a whole, regarding Knightley subtly aging as Colette and diverse casting, even more diverse than the real life history.

The costume design photo gallery let’s you linger on all those outfits in closeup still frames. So I hope literary nerds discover the story of Colette.