ARROW: Ep.10 Quick Review & Promo

Flash-Forward: We see a Wild Dog and Black Canary face-off! Both are wearing bad wigs and sporting bad old-age make-up. Wild Dog is mayor now, and kind of corrupt.  And back in real time, we find out that Oliver’s Dad had a secret second family.  Which means that the mystery archer is actually Oliver’s 1/2 sister.  And of course she’s bitter and out to avenge her Mother’s death, which is why she made herself a spot-on green arrow outfit, and taught herself archery.  And like first-season Oliver, she’s also got a little notebook with a list of bad-guy names in it.  I guess when you’re a Queen the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I didn’t like this episode at all.  It was chock full of silly story-lines, long speeches and moody music.  Get this, Diggle and Lyla are making deals with Diaz now. In a Suicide Squad-like twist, they offer Diaz his freedom in exchange for his help catching some other dude. I bet Oliver and Company aren’t going to like that too much when they find out.