I really loved this episode.  The story popped, and all the pieces fit. Cisco was missing-in-action, and Nora was sidelined, but we got more Cecile, Ralph, Killer Frost and Captain Singh.  So those characters got a chance to shine.  And the whole ‘ Don’t hurt my daughter’ storyline actually led to a Barry epiphany; Maybe if they save his adopted daughter Grace, Cicada might stop being such a murderous rage-monster. Hit him in the heart. I like it.

And speaking of heart; It was ‘cool’ seeing that Killer Frost has one.  She’s afraid of the meta-cure, but it’s not a self-preservation thing. She’s afraid that if she gets cured out of existence, she won’t be there to protect Caitlin. But she has a heart-to-heart with Ralph, and everything’s fine again.  We also get to see that the sleazy Snake-Eye Meta-human, Amulet’s lackey,  isn’t as bad as he seems.  Even he has layers.

Team Flash is made up of a lot of folks, so pairing the team down this episode really helped simplify things. Joe and the baby were still in Tibet with Wally, Cisco was off working on the Meta-cure, and Nora was bedridden.  Which gave the remaining team room to ‘stretch’. Yeah Ralph, I’m looking at you.    So what’s happening next week…

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