Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Will Come Alive With Libations At Oga’s Cantina!

Written By: Intergalactic Mojito

Ever wonder what it would have been like to go up to the bar of the Mos Eisley Cantina and order a drink, as you look over your shoulder, leary of any Imperial entanglements?  Well, the Disney Imagineers who imagined Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge want to see you live your best life as you fulfill your Star Wars hopes and dreams!

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Last night, exploded like an asteroid field full of photos and descriptions of all the amazing attractions arriving this year with SWGE!  The post was brimming with images of full-size AT-AT’s lightsabers, and Millenium Falcon interior shots.  In addition to these already very intriguing details was the exceptionally delightful cocktail menu, courtesy of Oga’s Cantina. What is so unique about this particular attraction is that it will be the first location within Disneyland to serve alcohol to the public, beyond the members-only Club 33, in the history of the park!  The new out-of-this-world watering hole boasts an assortment of interstellar spirits that will assuredly please patrons ranging from the most elusive of scoundrels to the more distinguished of Cloud City Administrators. While you most likely won’t find a cold crisp Colt 45 listed with the colorful collection of cosmic hooch, the vast selection of mouth-watering refreshments offered by Oga’s Catina will definitely give the weary starry-eyed traveler a much-needed reprieve during their busy Disney-day-play-date.  However, if the high octane variety of brew is not the drink you are looking for, rest assured that Oga’s will also provide a number of non-alcoholic options to choose from.  But the fun at Oga’s Cantina doesn’t end with a few sips of their potent potables!  Spinning tunes at a turntable will be legendary DJ R-3X, whom the OG Star Tours fans will recognize as the alumni pilot of Starspeeder 3000, Captain Rex!  Take my wallet, PLEASE!

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And because two is always better than one, Oga’s Cantina will definitely be a bi-coastal attraction wetting whistles and serving up smiles in Anaheim and Orlando!  So if the possibility of sharing a drink with a hustling pair of smugglers who just happen to pilot a ship rumored to have made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs is your jam, or getting into a shoving match with a cranky Walrus Man sounds like your idea of a good time, than you may want to put Oga’s Cantina at the top of the list of your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge itinerary. And remember, keep your eyes peeled, your blaster primed, and always tip your bartender on the way out!