ARROW: Ep.14 Quick Review & Promo

SPOILERS APLENTY:  This episode is just okay. It sets up a few things, and is mostly a transitional episode.  We finally get to see Dante,  the new threat that Lyla and John have been playing cat & mouse with.  He’s kind of Diaz-2.0.  And speaking of Diaz, he double-crosses team Diggle, but finds himself in Felicity’s cross-hairs.  But Felicity doesn’t kill him, like she planned, instead, she allows John to take him back to Slabside Prison.  Where Diaz is promptly set on fire by a mystery person, burns up, and presumably dies.  But who did it?

Meanwhile, in the flash forward future, we find out that Connor is Diggle’s adopted son. And that William never heard from Oliver or Felicity again, once he left to go live with his grandparents.  Though I’m guessing that the grandparent’s are mostly to blame for that.  And the biggest reveal this episode, besides Diaz’s probable murder, is that Oliver’s sister Emiko is in cahoots with Dante, the new Big Bad.   Talk about an emotional double-cross y’all.