THE FLASH: Ep.15 Quick Review & Promo

King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd:  It actually was a good episode.  It had a lot of great action sequences.  And it had heart and humor.  Plus it gave King Shark a redemption arc that reminded me of THE SHAPE OF WATER.  They perfected the meta-human cure, and Barry learned a lesson about asking before injecting.  Also, it was a mini-crossover;  we got Lyla from Arrow stepping in, as the director of ARGUS.

But the big news for me was that Joe West returned.  Joe and the baby supposedly took off to Tibet to spend time with Wally.  But Joe confesses to Iris that he needed time to regroup after his encounter with Cicada, where he was attacked and almost killed.  And Iris can relate, since Cicada also tried to Kill her.  Iris broke into his house after all, and steak-knifed him in the chest.   I enjoyed this comic-booky romp.

But next week, more Cicada.