THE FLASH: Ep.16 Quick Review & Promo

After all the fights and battles, The Flash decides that the best way to deal with Cicada is to hug it out, offering the meta-human cure to Cicada.  Who of course comes out swinging, and almost kills the Flash.  Yeah, I saw that coming. But when it’s revealed that his comatose little neice has become a Meta-human, the thing Cicada hates, Barry tries again.  Offering to cure her as well. And this time Cicada begrudgingly agrees.

So is this the end of Cicada?  Yes and No! He takes the cure, and loses his powers.  But another more-powerful-Cicada brakes in, kills the nurse who had the big crush on the murderous lug. Then she kidnaps the now-Human Cicada and spirits him away.  And guess who the new Super-Cicada is.  Why it’s his niece.   And you didn’t have to be a Star-labs-scientist to figure that one out.  But she’s older, maybe in her twenties. So I’m guessing she pulled a Nora and came from the future.

This episode was just okay, though it had a lot of razzle-dazzle. I thought we were finally done with Cicada.  But no,  here we go again with the niece.  And we all saw that coming.  Because when Barry, Nora and Iris entered her mind a few episodes ago, we saw the ruthless female Cicada kicking around in her subconscious.  So now what?