THE FLASH: Ep.17 Quick Review & “Godspeed” promo

The Flash may have super speed, but sometimes the show likes to drag its feet.  Nora’s secret does get revealed, but that happens at the end of a mediocre episode. Leaving us on an emotional cliffhanger that won’t resolve until April 16th, due to another hiatus. And that’s a big YIKES!

But Nora doesn’t actually come clean on her own, like she should have. Sherloque Wells figures everything out, and then reveals to Team Flash, that Nora’s in cahoots with The Reverse Flash. Which is a bitter pill that Barry, Iris and the rest of the gang have to swallow.  And after tears are shed, Barry locks Nora in the pipeline , like a meta-villain.  Which at first seemed harsh.

Until you realize that Nora’s Thawn-inspired actions caused the death of a lot of people, and inadvertently created Super Grace-Cicada.  And Grace, here from the future, has already killed the doctor who saved her life, and her own beloved Uncle, the original Cicada.  Also, it appears that Super-Grace-Cicada is practically unstoppable. Which means that others may die before all is said and done.  So Barry, giving Nora a time-out is the lea